Who I Am

Alison Trimbee, a professional Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner and I will help you to “Polish Up Your Act!”  using coaching tools and NLP techniques. I specialise in supporting you during times of transition, be it Career Progression, Redundancy or Retirement.

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What I Do

Coaching is the most powerful tool on the planet. It focuses on solutions, not problems, and puts you back in control so you feel motivated to see great results! The whole point of it is to support an individual or a group in identifying their outcome and to reach it faster than they would do so on their own.

Sounds easy enough! If it were that easy, all teams would succeed and we would each achieve our personal goals effortlessly.  What stops us? That’s where I can help.

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The Benefits

There are countless benefits that arise as a result of hiring a coach during times of transition in your life. Without question, coaching will make you stronger and more confident.

What’s in it for You?

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